Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Midway Checkup: Death Takes the Cake

Midway Checkup is a feature on my blog where I post around halfway through the novel I'm currently reading. It provides me with the chance to give my opinion so far, predict what I think will happen, and write about my overall impressions.

Book: Death Takes the Cake by Melinda Wells

Plot context: As the sequel to Killer Mousse, we follow Della as she struggles through everyday life and gets mixed up in this new mystery! To promote her cooking show, Della agrees to take part in a broadcasted cake-creating competition. However, she was not expecting to be in the middle of a murder case with her best friend's husband as the prime suspect!

I'm a bit over half way through this one, and I'm loving every moment! It's similar to Killer Mousse in terms of characters and general concept, but I find it to be a good follow-up book. Each chapter is suspenseful and the book is addictive! That's the ideal word to describe it, actually - addictive.

At this point in the story, I have no guesses as to who the killer is. The last book resulted in me being surprised when I found out who did it, so I'm sure the sequel will be the same. There has to be some twist in the storyline coming up soon, or maybe I'll find out about a "bad history" between the victim and a suspect. I'm anxious to know!

After a stressful day I look forward to relaxing in bed with Death Takes the Cake. It's light, fun, and the perfect book to help calm down my mind. Keep an eye out for a review coming up shortly!


Dana said...

Sometimes a light fun read is exactly what I need to de-stress at the end of a day/week. Glad to hear this book is addictive!

Juju at Tales of said...

Cool! Can't wait :)

Sara said...

Emidy, I love this feature! I'm glad you like it so far :)

Nina said...

Oh I see, sounds great!

Anonymous said...

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