Thursday, July 22, 2010

In My Mailbox (18)

Hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren, In My Mailbox is where you share the recent books you've bought/received/taken out from the library.

I know, I know - I'm just a tad late with my IMM post this week! But after finishing Murder on the Orient Express, I literally had no books to read. What a tragedy! So yesterday I made a trip to the library and picked up these gems.

Petropolis by Anya Ulinich
Sasha Goldberg is the ultimate outsider: she's a chubby, biracial Jewish girl from the Siberian town of Asbestos 2. Her father takes off for the Unites States, and leaves Sasha to navigate adolescence in a bleak apartment block with her overbearing mother. At fourteen Sasha falls in love with an art school dropout who lives inside a concrete pipe in the town dump. Following her heart gets her into trouble at home, so she flees Russia as a mail-order bride and lands in suburban Arizona. Then, Sasha abandons her Red Lobster-loving fiance and embarks on a misadventure-filled journey across American in search of her father. - From back of book

Broken by Daniel Clay
Skunk Cunningham has a loving dad, an absent mother, and a brother who plays more Xbox than is good for him. She has a crush on her teacher, Mr. Jeffries, and fond feelings for Mrs. Buckley, who lives across the street and always has time for her questions. But Skunk also has the neighbours from hell: the five Oswald girls and their thuggish dad, Bob, are vicious bullies whose reign of terror extends unchallenged over their otherwise quiet suburban square.
- From back of book

River's Edge by Marie Bostwick
After the death of her mother, Elise Braun travels to the United States to start a new life. Her father only wants to save his daughter from the impending war in her native Germany - and the horrors of the new Nazi regime. But Elise can only feel a sense of abandonment and resentment toward the one man who is supposed to protect her. An accomplished pianist, music has become her only solace from the lonliness and loss that makes it so difficult for her to love or trust anyone... - From back of book

The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros
Sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes deeply joyous, The House on Mango Street tells the story of Esperanza Cordero, whose neighborhood is one of harsh realities and harsh beatuy. Esperanza doesn't want to belong - not to her rundown neighborhood, and not to the low expectations the world has for her. Esperenza's story is that of a young girl coming into her power, and inventing for herself what she will become.
- From back of book

The Silver Needle Murder by Laura Childs
Theodosia Browning and the sraff of Indigo Tea Shop are feeling the heat, and not just because it's August. The Charleston Film Festival has brought them a busy week of catering jobs - and first up is the opening night gala at the historic Belvedere Theatre. But the festival starts off with a bang when famous director Jordan Cole is shot on his way to the podium and the entire audience witnesses his death silhouetted across the scrim.
- From back of book

Now that I have a good suppply of books, I can get some quality reading done. Have you heard of or read any of these books? I'd love to hear about it!


Brenna said...

Petropolis sounds awesome!

GMR said...

Interesting titles there....curious about THE HOUSE ON MANGO STREET...a favorite title among the school kids. Thanks for sharing...and happy reading!

Juju at Tales of said...

The House on Mango Street looks good :)

Sara said...

Whoa you really had an amazing book week! And they all look soooo good. I'm going to have to see if my library has some of these :)

Oh and you've won an award over at my blog :)

Emidy said...

Brenna - It's strange, that's for sure!

GMR - Yep, apparently it's a pretty well-known book. I'm anxious to start it!

Juju - It does, doesn't it? Can't wait to get started on it!

Sara - You really should. And thanks so much for the award - you're too sweet!

Lea (YA Book Queen) said...

Nice books! I like the summary for River's Edge, it's interesting :)

Hope you enjoy them all! =)

Nymeth said...

I like the sound of all of them! Enjoy your new books :)

Jan von Harz said...

Some great titles definitely like the sound of Petropolis and Broken. enjoy

Anonymous said...

I'm going to look these books up. Thanks for sharing.

Aths said...

House on Mango Street is on my TBR... But I kinda forgot about it. Looking forward to your thoughts.

Lauren said...

Great books! River's Edge and Broken both sound great. I'm looking forward to seeing your reviews for them. Happy reading! :)