Friday, August 6, 2010

It's finally Friday

Hey guys! It's Friday, that lovely, lovely day of the week. And that also means that it's The Book Blogger Hop. This is a weekly blog networking event, if you amazingly haven't heard of it before. Today, we have to talk about the music (if any) that we listen to while reading.

I used to always listen to my iPod while I was reading. That was a long time ago, so I don't quite remember the stuff I listened to back then. Nowadays, though, I can't imagine listening to music while reading! I find it way too distracting. I don't mind background noise, but having earphones right up close would bother me.

If you're here from the Hop, thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave a link to your own blog so I can come visit you. Also, I'm not going to be here for most of this weekend, so you won't see any posts from me. Don't let that turn you off from my blog, though! Enjoy your weekend.


Whitney said...

I agree, I find music while reading very distracting. Although, background noise/music is unavoidable. For instance, a tree is being trimmed in my backyard, chainsaw=annoyance.
Have a great weekend!

Teresa said...

Happy Friday! I try to tune out everything while I'm reading, but sometimes I'll put in my headphones and play something without lyrics really quietly to block out conversations while reading in a public place.

I'm already a follower.

Alissa said...

Just stopping by from the Hop. I love the favicon idea - thanks for the step-by-step help! :]

Have a good weekend!

Darlyn said...

hi Emidy!I also did the favicon at my blog and i'm loving it! happy friday =)

Tresa said...

Hopping in to wish you a Happy Friday ~
~Tresa @ Bippidy Boppidy Boo

Ms. C said...

Hey fellow Canadian :) haha
Just stopping in from the hop - thanks for visiting my blog earlier! I look forward to reading through your posts :)

The Book Bee said...

Hello, just stopping by from the hop. Off to explore your blog. Have a good weekend.

Pepca said...


Returning the visit from the Hop! Great blog.

Janna said...

Hi, found you via the Hop and am now a new follower! :)


Emidy said...

Thanks for visiting everyone! And to all the new visitors/followers - welcome!