Saturday, May 1, 2010

Author Interview: Cynthia Roberts

I'd like to welcome the romance author Cynthia Roberts, author of Wind Warrior, to Une Parole! Cynthia has been writing ever since she was a young girl, and has been reading romance for many years. Her passion lead her to start her own novel, and thus, Wind Warrior was born. Book two, Captive Heart, will be released this winter. She's also the very first author that I've interviewed - enjoy!

You started reading romance novels yourself when you were raising a young family. What made you finally become an author?

The passion was sooo inherent I just had to. I mean, ever since a Crayola was placed in my hand, I jibbered on paper. Sadly, life just got in the way and it has taken until my more mature years (chuckle chuckle ) before it was time for me. Then this light bulb went off. After all of the readings I had done, I suddenly realized I wanted to take a stab at it. I enrolled in a series of creative writing classes at my local community college and ... the writer in me was born.

Wow, it's great that you had the initiative to take those classes and follow your dream! Where do you find the inspiration behind your work?

You may not believe this one but, it just comes. It truly amazes me sometimes. I carry a little spiral tablet in my purse, keep one at my bedside and there's also another one between the front seats in my car. It just comes.

I admire people with that kind of creativity. Your book Wind Warrior focuses on the Native Indians living in the 1800s. What kind of research went into this?

Quite a lot. It was pretty extensive. This book came to life 19 years ago when my world started to fall apart and much of my research was done at the New York State Library. I not only wanted to be true to their customs, folklore and language, but educate my readers and pay them the respect they justly deserve.

It sounds like a lot of work and passion went into this novel! Describe the writing process for you. Where do you write? How often do you write?

I have a home office. I just can't get into laptops for some reason. Even though I can type more than 100 w.p.m. once I get going, on those, my fingers get all befuddled and I hit the wrong keys ... it's ugly. I invested in a good ergonomic keyboard for comfort try to devote at least 20 hours a week to my projects.

I have a playlist of 70 songs I entitled Pure Romance made up of some of my favorites like Perry Como, Tony Bennett, Michael Buble, Brian McKnight, Michael Bolton, Air Supply, Frankie Valle ... I let my boys croon to me while I write.

Interesting! I can see how music would help. Writing a book and getting it published is a long journey. What did you find most challenging?

Giving up. We all think we've written the next NY Times Best Seller. However, fate has a way of knowing when that time is right for you. I had so many road blocks and detours thrown at me, I needed to simply survive life's challenges before I could accomplish what was most important to me as a writer ... to have my readers feel an extreme range of emotions. When you've lived it, you can express it more deeply and passionately.

That's so true. I love it when authors' emotions come across in their work. What is the most rewarding thing about being an author - or, more specifically, a romance author?

Receiving a call, email or comment of praise from a reader. Up to that point all that you have is belief in your self and this burning desire in the pit of your belly to get published. And when that first time happens, it is sooo darn emotional. I actually fell to my knees and whimpered like a baby twice ... when I held the first printed copy in my hands and then when I hung up after my first true reader feedback phone call. There is nothing more gratifying than knowing that someone escaped into the world you created, felt and experienced the passion of your words. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Thank you for your time, Cynthia!

For more information:
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Elle said...

"There is nothing more gratifying than knowing that someone escaped into the world you created, felt and experienced the passion of your words."
This was a great interview, Emidy! I'm looking forward to more. :)

The Library Lurker said...

Great interview! You asked some really good questions, I can't wait to read more interviews!

Sara said...

Lovely interview. I loved the questions you asked :D

Jeanne C. said...

Great job, Emidy! Lovely interview with a lovely author!

The Book Mole said...

Well done, Emidy! The questions were very good and followed up well. Roberts seems to be a very grounded person!

Aths said...

Wow.. great interview!! I haven't read any books by Cynthia Roberts, but am now interested!

Emidy said...

Aw, thank you all! I'm glad you liked it.