Sunday, May 2, 2010

In My Mailbox (10)

Hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren, In My Mailbox is where you share the recent books you've bought/received/taken out from the library.
Once again, I didn't get that many news books this week. But, I did buy a couple for three dollars at this discount book store. They're both written by authors that I simply adore, so I'm excited to start them!

Lady Oracle by Margaret Atwood:
Joan Foster is the bored wife of a myopic ban-the-bomber. She takes off overnight as Canada's new superpoet, pens lurid gothics on the sly, attracts a blackmailing reporter, skids cheerfully in and out of menacing plots, hair-raising traps, and passionate trysts, and lands dead and well in Terremoto, Italy (from back cover).

Curtain by Agatha Christie:
Both Poirot and Great Styles have seen better days - but despite being crippled with arthritis, there is nothing wrong with the detective's 'little grey cells'. However, when Poirot brands one of the seemingly harmless guests as a five-time murderer, some people have their doubts. But Poirot alone knows he must prevent a sixth murder before the curtain falls... (from back cover).

After reading the summary of Lady Oracle, I can officially say that I'm clueless in terms of the plot. It's Atwood, though, so it's bound to be a good read. As for the Christie book - I'm in the mood for a good, solid mystery. Hopefully these two books will be enjoyable! What's in your mailbox? Feel free to leave a link so I can come visit.


Sara said...

Awesome books Emidy! You always have really interesting books. Happy reading :D

Christina T said...

I thought Curtain was fantastic and unexpected. I am a big fan of Agatha Christie and it is one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy your books!

Aths said...

I haven't heard of either, but both sound good to me! Enjoy your books!

Nymeth said...

Enjoy your new books! It's hard to go wrong with Atwood.

Candace said...

It's sad, I haven't read either of those authors yet. Glad you found some good deals this week too though!

Beth said...

Looks like some great reads this week!

I inherited my mother's Agatha Christie collection when I was younger and never got around to reading them (she's since taken them back lol), which is a shame. I think I'm going to have to go and see if she'll lend me some!

Have a great reading week! :)

Emidy said...

Sara - Thank you! I'm excited to start reading.

Christina - Great, I'm happy that Curtain is good. Looking forward to it!

Aths - Thanks, I hope they are!

Nymeth - Exactly. Thanks!

Candace - Oh, you should really pick up some books by both of them.

Beth - Yes, you should definitely borrow some from her! Christie's books are always entertaining.

Lucia said...

It is hard to go wrong with Atwood (I'm reading one of hers at the moment too). Hope you enjoy them both!

aloi (guiltlessreading) said...

Actually it's hard to go wrong with either Atwood or Christie! :)

Juju at Tales of said...

Curtain? Cooooooooool. I can not wait for the review.

Carina said...

Lady Oracle looks fabulous! I love Atwood.

My mailbox is here.

Emidy said...

Lucia - So true! Thanks.

Aloi - Yes! I love them both.

Juju - Great! I can't wait to get started on it.

Carina - It does, doesn't it? Thanks, I'll go check out your IMM post.