Saturday, May 15, 2010

The bookmark countdown

I seem to have developed a fascination with cute and interesting bookmark designs. So earlier today, I found myself browsing around the internet for some cool bookmarks! I thought it would be neat if I showed some of them to you, and I'm going to this in a countdown style from my favourite to least favourite.

The paintchip bookmark

Aren't these the cutest? They're oh so simple but I think they're ingenious. You can make a ton of them using all your favourite paint colours, and rotate with each book you read. I'm so going to Home Depot and stealing a bunch of their paintchips.

The "help me!" bookmark

I love this! Poor guy, getting stuck between the pages. At least he won't be bored, though! Haha... lame attempt at a joke. But anyways, I think this is a great design. I'm sure I've seen it before somewhere.

The liquid bookmark

Creepy, but cool. I think this is such a quirky idea, but I'm worried about how it covers a good portion of the front cover. If the book has an ugly cover, though, I have no problem using it! Apparently these bookmarks are hand-made and each one is original.

The burning bookmark

So cool! But again, very impractical. I can see how that huge piece of fire would get in the way once you lay your book down. They're more fun than useful, but I can picture young kids being amazed by these and using them for their books. It was worth a mention.

The butterfly bookmark

I'm pretty sure these are more on the paperclip side, but apparently you can use them as bookmarks. They're so pretty, yet they seem very delicate and it makes me wonder how well they would survive being squished inside a book.

So there you have it, my bookmark countdown! What's your favourite? When choosing bookmarks, do you go for design or practicality?


Marce said...

The butterflies are adorable.

I would buy a bookmark if I loved the creativity of it or a saying, I love quotes.

Sara said...

Aww I love all of these! I'm definitely going to pick up some paintchips, such a good idea :D

Mrs. DeRaps said...

I'm totally stealing the paint swatch idea! And, I love the butterflies. Thanks for the ideas.

The Book Mole said...

Ooh, these are ALL so cute! I love the help me bookmark and the paintchip one is very creative! I choose bookmarks primarily for practicality, but I do enjoy good design too. Two of the bookmarks I am using are ones issued by PBS for their Jane Austen Masterpiece shows. One has a picture of the gorgeous Jonny Lee Miller as mr. Knightley and the other has Rupert Penry-Jones as Captain Wentworth. Bookmarks that also serve as eyecandy!

Christina T said...

The paintchip bookmark is pretty neat. I like what The Book Mole said about the PBS bookmarks. I have the one with Jonny Lee Miller from Emma.

My favorite bookmarks happen to be those due date slips the library gives you. Why? Because they are free and they are thin. I don't like thick bookmarks, especially the heavy metal ones that can damage books. I don't want to mess up the book binding so I use thinner bookmarks. I also like using the due slips because it reminds me of when the books are due back.

Juju at Tales of said...

Paint color strips? BRILLIANT!

I love the drippy one!

Nymeth said...

Those are all so cute! I love the "Help Me" one, though I know I probably wouldn't use it - metal bookmarks fall off too often for my taste :\ Having said that, I'm definitely guilty of picking up cute but not practical ones in the past :P

NotNessie said...

Look out, Home Depot! Your paintchips are mine!

Great post.

Bookalicious Ramblings said...

Great post! They're all lovely, but I think I'd go with the first ones - they're the norm and useful! :)

Emidy said...

Thanks for all the comments! I love hearing about what you all use for bookmarks. I usually go for practicality, but I have a few bookmarks that I use just for looks.

Aths said...

I love the Help Me! So funny and cute too!

The1stdaughter said...

So, the paint chips are cool, the "help me" and liquid one are really really funny, but the burning books one was great! Maybe they're impractical, but they're so funny! I can just imagine the funny looks you would get if you sat in a busy shopping center or college campus with this coming out of your book. Love it! Great post!